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  Bricks and roofing tiles

Quality assurance: bricks and roofing tiles
Numerous tests, including chemical and physical examinations, are carried out in our modern, well-equipped laboratories by qualified experts to ensure the quality of bricks and roofing tiles.

Throughout Germany, expert opinion is given, with all due objectivity and impartiality, on damage to bricks and roofing tiles used as building materials.

In the course of outside monitoring, which provides a neutral, objective verification of in-house production control, bricks are checked for correct geometric sectional area and gross density, with their crushing strength being determined.

Product monitoring
The production of roofing tiles is also subject to monitoring. They are checked against standards for geometric qualities such as even shape, straightness, measurement tolerances or covering size. Their water impermeability, bending capacity and resistance to frost are also determined.

In the course of certifying building products, close co-operation has been built up over the years with Güteschutz Ziegel, the quality association for bricks and roofing tiles.


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