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  Preservation of monuments
and restoration of buildings
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Inspection and consultation on the restoration and conservation of historic buildings. Historic buildings age, are damaged or are affected by adjacent buildings. Our job is to conserve works of art and historic buildings for posterity by ensuring their stability.

Our "historic buildings" project group is made up of experienced specialists who offer a

  • complete range of services:

  • inspection of foundations
  • inspection of ground water
  • problems regarding the site (especially exposed to wind, water, vibrations)
  • structural inspections of the load-bearing structure
  • testing materials
  • plans for restoration and remediation

If historic buildings suffer damage in the course of time or if they are going to be put to a different use, it becomes necessary to carry out preliminary tests of the foundations, the ground built on, the load bearing structure and the materials. Matters of stability, geotechnics, resistance to humidity, thermal and acoustic insulation and fire safety must be checked. The LGA is also involved in the development, testing and supervision of mortar, plaster, and coating systems, stone replacement materials, preservation of natural stone and wood protection.

We have comprehensive technical facilities for:

  • chemistry
  • testing of materials
  • SEM (scanning electron microscope)

with skilled, experienced personnel.

The LGA is thus an invaluable partner, not only for those planning the conservation of a historic building, but also for the companies carrying out the restoration, those providing the materials and the courts.

Our inspections give greater insight into construction, damage, and pollution, thus in turn leading to more security in design and planning. This comprehensive inspection helps the contractor to optimise project planning, by taking all aspects of building conservation into account.

The LGA's service extends beyond building conservation. With its wide range of expert knowledge, testing and inspections methods, the LGA can help planners, contractors, owners and the courts, with expert opinions and consultancy services.

Some details from our range of services:

Building inspections for remediation and restoration

  • registering/documenting the restoration of cultural assets
  • drawing up plans of buildings, with details of dimensions and damage
  • building dimensions
  • recommending and carrying out remedial measures
  • assessment of existing static systems
  • determining the type of construction, cross sections and characteristics of materials
  • mapping all kinds of damage, measuring damp and its distribution, drying out of walls
  • practical conservation of historical buildings with: frescoes and architectural settings, sculptures and sculptural decorations made of stone, stucco, constructional ceramics, artificial stone, wood, internal or external elements in natural stone, artificial stone, stucco and terracotta
  • non-destructive testing (mechanical damage and damp)
  • Intelligent building monitoring
  • Design, installation and operation of measuring systems for online monitoring (with alarm device) of damage to the building;
  • evaluation and display of values

Integrated measuring system for building monitoring

Hardly any other institute features a comparable range of in-house technical resources and expert knowledge of conservation and restoration as the LGA.


Gregor Stolarski

Gregor Stolarski

TÜV Rheinland LGA Bautechnik GmbH
Tillystraße 2
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