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  Remediation of drains

  • practical guide for the remediation of drains
  • consultancy and co-operation in planning, choice of remediation process and calling for tenders, award of contract in accordance with VOB
  • evaluation of stability of existing drains, structural analysis in accordance with ATV M127, Part 2 for measures to renovate and repair existing drains, circular, oval and throat-shaped.
  • research projects, e.g. examination of longitudinally cracked concrete pipes renovated with pipe liners under the effects of earth and traffic load
  • examination of carrying capacity of composite cross-section liner/insulation/old pipe
  • outside monitoring, if necessary, in co-operation with the responsible departments of the LGA (Geotechnics, Material Testing)
  • classification of state of drain, state of old pipe
  • standardisation and committee work, national and international in ATV (A127 Parts 1-3, ES 8.8  and ES 8.6), DIBt, GSTT
  • checking structural analysis calculations for measures leading to the renovation and repair of existing drains, e.g. in close-fit process, process with subsequent insulation of ring area
  • quality control to check suitability of the company to carry out the work, the materials, work preparation, installation and assembly, in co-operation with the responsible departments of the LGA (Geotechnics, Material Testing)

Further information

  • Practical guide for the remediation of drains
  • Remediation of drains: structural analysis calculations
  • Remediation of drains: research projects
  • Classification of state of drain


Heinz Doll

Dr. Heinz Doll
Dr.-Ing., Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.)

TÜV Rheinland LGA Bautechnik GmbH
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90431 Nuremberg

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