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  Outside monitoring

Quality assurance by outside monitoring - material tests

This is envisaged an on-site meeting to check compliance with staff and equipment provisions, as well as the implementation of plans.

To ensure site supervision and to check the correct implementation of remedial measures, site samples are to be taken or produced as test specimens for

  • compaction checks of undisturbed samples (cut-out cylinder)
  • coupler tests
  • manual remediation in sizes 10 cm x 10 cm or 20 cm x 20 cm and 5 -10mm thick
  • liner tests (see below for sizes)

in the presence of the independent inspector or as instructed by the outside monitoring body.

The material parameters of these site samples are checked in the outside monitoring body's laboratory. Test reports are drawn up on the site visit and material tests.

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Item 1: Site visit

  • monitoring of construction technology

Item 2: Quality control

  • checking the company's qualification
    proof of in-house monitoring
    staff qualifications
  • materials
    checking approvals, material expert opinion, etc.
    traceability of quality-assured manufacture and delivery of materials, including all individual components
  • work preparation
    presentation of structural analysis calculations capable of being checked for all nominal widths and loading conditions
    course of procedures - cleaning, milling, calibrating, TV pre-inspection in dry state, structure of ground water level retention
  • safety at work
    safety certificate
    specialist workers for safety at work
  • installation and assembly
  • checking materials
    limiting loads, placement forces, etc.
    documentation of course of procedures
  • checks for quality control, including all documents submitted and report
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Item 3: soil mechanics examinations

  • proctor density DPr pipeline area
  • constrained modulus E, pipeline area
  • bearing surface angle

Item 4: material testing

  • material testing of coupler sealing material:
    shrinking behaviour
    restoring ability
    determining density (specific weight) on finished product
  • material testing of liner:
    hardening, per building site sample
    water impermeability, per building site sample
    bending modulus of elasticity, resistance to bending and
    determination of wall thickness, per individual test specimen
    tensile strength in longitudinal direction, per individual test specimen
    adhesion tensile strength test
  • material tests of manual remediation
    adhesion tensile strength test per individual test specimen, short-term
    and long-term test
    water impermeability, per building site sample
    fatigue behaviour
  • production of test report

Item 5: Structural analysis

Per DN and loading condition, including production of test report; calculation in accordance with worksheet ATV-A-127 (renovation), or if necessary in accordance with leaflet ATV M 127, Part 2 (renovation with lining and assembly process); damage classification in renovation is to be determined and proven by the contractor, who is also to provide documentation of soil examinations, ground water level and TV pipe inspection.

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Depending on the position at least one sample is to be taken, with minimum dimensions 300 mm long and 200 mm wide (approximately A4 format) - see sketch.


The samples are to marked with a minimum of the following data (marking direct on the sample or on separate sample dispatch note):

  • building measure
  • position
  • date produced
  • location taken (top, base, manhole, etc.)
  • date taken
  • name of person taking sample
  • liner dimensions (diameter, wall thickness)
  • liner name (manufacturer, material, batch number)

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The TÜV Rheinland LGA Bautechnik GmbH tests and certifies, but the company itself is also certified. more