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  Light dividing walls
Structural analysis of light dividing walls, fire protection glazing and glass facades.

These are statically demanding constructions in metal and wood sections. The cross-sections are often thin-walled, covered with structural panels or thermally separated by plastic crosspieces, so that they interact via flexible connection.

A correct structural analysis of such sections in calculations may make it necessary to carry out trials in co-operation with the LGA's Material Testing Office. A model to calculate the necessary proofs may then be developed from these trials.

The trials we carry out, both static and dynamic calculations, are in accordance with valid standards and German, as well as European approval guidelines for the acquisition of national and European approvals and give manufacturers valuable support in designing and developing their products.

Carrying out trials
Carrying out trials ...
  Representation by a scale model.
... and representation by a scale model.

Our comprehensive know-how lets us cover all areas of interior construction, such as light dividing walls, fire protection glazing, façade construction, dropped ceilings and raised floors.


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